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Outward Bound Board Meeting

It was Friday evening, up at Table Rock, just after part of the board meeting. People were gathered around, socializing, talking, enjoying each other’s company, and greeting friends they have seen — some recently, others not so recently.

After the dance, some folks gathered together on the back porch of the Kurt Hahn center. There, people were playing music and singing. The moon was nearly full in the background, and to the right stood Table Rock. A majestic presence, it stood out from its surroundings and demanded attention with its moonlit face and an empty dark sky behind it.

People, I am reminded, are what life (and OB) are all about. Though I knew only a handful of the people present, I felt a close sense of kinship and community with those around me. Even when in the larger group, I felt we were all bound together by our own individual ideals and dedication to the philosophy of Outward Bound. 

Copyright (C), 1998, by Ashley Guberman