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Winged Corks

Potomac River, Maryland

As spring rolls around, the water levels on the Potomac surge and boaters abound. At Rocky Island, waves of 5 feet stand in one place, daunting eager kayakers — imploring them to come play in the water with their winged corks they call a craft.

The scope of the waves and thrust of the current lures boaters close to the power, only then to hurl them back from whence they came. To play on waves of this size, one must first be introduced to them — and often, this is done face to face, and from the under side of the boat.

And upon righting yourself to the surface of the water, there is an incredible sensation of being lifted high atop the crest of the wave, so that all may see you before the force of gravity sends you to the bottom of the next trough.

But when gravity and the ever increasing current work together, your boat climbs the hill of the next crest with such speed and momentum that at last you take to the sky — even if only for a moment, before gently coming to rest in the arms of a thousand rain drops.

We are but a toy to the forces of nature, but with proper skill and heart-felt respect for her power, she will play with us and reflect our love.

Copyright (C), 1998, by Ashley Guberman