It would be another 10 days before Momma-1 would get the pregnancy test, but I already knew she was pregnant. I don’t know how… I just knew. Momma-1, on the other-hand, was cautions, patient, and wanted concrete test results to be sure.

Oh, sure, many momma’s all over the world pee on a special piece of paper to see if they are pregnant, but that just gives a yes/no answer. The super doctors wanted to know HOW pregnant momma-1 was. OK, there’s pregnant, and not-pregnant, so the real question was how far along the pregnancy momma-1 was, and of HcG hormone levels. That’s what we were getting tested for. On November 3rd, 2008, we got the first test. I think we needed something above 300 to be a good score, and Momma-1 had something in the 600 range as I recall.

Never mind that the doctors who were actually measuring HcG, I could not help but think this was actually your Midi-chlorian count. That was all the more true when just two days later, the score had doubled.

Shortly after that, we really knew we were pregnant because momma-1 started getting sick in the morning. I did what I could to comfort her, but that’s not a great deal. She was in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god, and I had to put on a sympathetic face, all the while I’m thinking “goody goody!” because I knew that it meant the two of you were growing inside.

I decided to bring up a cushion that Momma-1 could kneel on when she got sick. She thought it was unnecessary at first, but as the queasiness continued, she started using it after all.

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