The Door

Both of you have a habit of slamming doors, especially when you get angry or excited. My fear is that sooner or later, somebody is going to get a finger, hand, or even a head in between the door and the jamb when you slam it. These are not light, flimsy, inside doors. They are solid wood and weigh maybe 60 pounds. How do I know, you might ask?

Because today, dear Lucas, you and Anna were getting a little wound up, and you ran into your room and slammed it very hard. I came into your room and scolded you that we do not EVER slam doors here. And I told you as I have many times before that if you cannot treat your doors properly, then I will take them away. Not 2 minutes after I said that, you turned around and slammed your door again. I went downstairs to get some tools, and without saying a word, Anna knew exactly what I was going to do.

She told you, “Lucas! Umi is going to take your door off!” and already you got upset. So I knocked the pins out of the hinges and removed the door. That’s when I saw how very heavy these things are… and then I had to figure out where to put it. It’s so heavy, that I don’t want to leave it leaning up against anything, lest it fall over onto you.

But what I was not expecting is the extreme level of reaction that you both had in response to losing your door. I’m talking total meltdown that lasted a good 15 minutes or more, and even now, nearly an hour later, you are both pissed and angry at me, your Umi, who is a big, mean, bully!

Was taking your door off overkill? If you learn how completely serious I am about it when I demand that you not do something, then no, it’s not overkill. If you learn that when I explicitly spell out the consequences for a choice, that I will execute on that consequence, then no, it’s not overkill. For you see, my loves, what you do not appreciate is that the damage you could do to yourself or each other from slamming a door that heavy would be very serious indeed. The consequence of losing your door for a day or so is small potatoes by comparison… even if you do think I’m a mean bully for a while.

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