The Bump

Hello, my little people! Momma-1 has been concerned about getting bigger around the middle, and not sure if that’s because she has not been going to the gym, or because you two are growing. I can confirm at this point that it’s definitely because you two are growing. Momma now has “the bump” on her tummy where you are taking up more room, and it’s not squishy enough to be flab. Momma is now 85cm across the belly button.

Sure, you two are going to make Momma absolutely huge before you come out into the world, but this still marks some of the early outward signs of all that is going in inside Call it an early victory bump. The other sign would be the morning sickness, but the bump is definitely more pleasant. Both of us out here have recently started telling more people about you two, and that we expect you to be born some time in July.

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