I Don’t Believe You

Anna, my dear, something apparently happened in your experience that rattled you quite a bit. Every day, multiple times, I Iet you both know that “I love you, and I will always love you, no matter what, I promise.” But this morning, you came into my room and asserted that you did not believe me. You were certain that I love Lucas more than you, and would hear nothing to the contrary.

First off, despite being completely untrue, you somehow got that it also meant that I did not love you at all anymore. So mostly, I just listened to where you were, and did my best to reassure you, but that seemed to matter little. Eventually, you came around to that I love you with HALF of my heart. Then you said only 1/4 – Mom, Lucas, and the dog got the other 3/4 in equal parts.

So I tired explaining that love is additive, not subtractive, though not using those words. Love is not like a pie, that when you give it away, there is less of it. It’s more like a hug… both people get a hug at the same time, and afterwards, there’s still more hugs left to share. I’m not sure if you got it or not, but you did seem to settle down over the next few days and sink back into your regular levels of cuddling and tenderness. Still, I wonder what it was that so triggered you.

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