Changing Perspectives

People say that becoming a parent changes them. It’s already started. For one thing, in church today there were a number of children sitting behind us making noise. I heard the parents trying to keep their little-ones quiet, but with only partial success. And so now I’m thinking that your mommas are going to be in that spot by this time next year. So not only do I find myself more tolerant and gracious towards these parents, but I’m also paying attention to what works and what doesn’t.

We stopped by the library on the way home to pick up some travel books, and I found myself paying closer attention to the children’s section. It occurred to me that by this time next year, we may find ourselves in that part of the library quite a bit, looking for all manner and number of stories to read to you two.

We were also wondering how competitive you two are going to end up being with each other, and whether being boys, girls, or one of each will make a difference in what you compete on. Oh, there’s just so many things that will have to unfold, all in due time.

It’s like an incredibly interesting and intriguing story, part mystery, part adventure, part love-story. Today, we’re still in the prologue, but already I find myself so incredibly engrossed in the story that I’m eagerly looking forward to how it all turns out — to how you two turn out. Plus, there’s the notion that your mommas get to play a large role in the direction that the story goes, but that even at our very best, ours is merely a role of guidance, influence, and direction to you two, who will be the primary actors in the stories of your own lives.

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