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For Love of Clothes and Brother

We just spent the last 8 days visiting my folks.  I love them dearly and had a great time.  I’m also looking forward to going back home to rest!  Sithee had something wonderful planned for us every day, including a trip to the zoo, a trip to the natural history museum with the butterfly exhibit, making personalized T-shirts, a few walks to the park to play, running through a public fountain, going cloths shopping, making Jello, making Ice Cream, and a few other things I’m not remembering right now.

At one point, when we were at the fountain at the Reston Town Center, Anna, a man gave you a penny and asked if you wanted to make a wish.  You said yes, and thank you, then I took you to the fountain.  You asked me if it really worked, and I said I don’t know, but you can make any wish you want come true if you are willing to work at it.  So you threw your penny in, then told me you wished for a job where you make lots of money so that you can buy all the cloths that you want.  I fear that even before your 5th birthday you are growing into a little fashionista.

Today, when we were in the airport to come home, our flight was delayed by just over 2 hours, so we took the trains all over the airport, as well as most of the escalators, a few elevators, and a people-mover bus, and walked the length of one of the concourses twice.  By the end, you were both getting a bit tired, but you, Lucas, decided to just throw a protest by sitting down and not moving any farther.  Of course we would not leave you, Lucas, but we did get about 20 yards away when Anna screamed out “Nooo!  I’m not going to leave my brother behind!”

Oppposite Of

You have both had a fascination with opposites for quite some time.  We had a Sesame Street book on it from when you were one-year old.

But today in the car, Anna, you said “The opposite of Young is Old.”  Yes it is.

“The opposite of Cold is Hot.”  Yes, it is.

But then you said  “The opposite of Warm is Hot” and from there we started getting a little fuzzy.  I tried showing you about continuums… or opposite sides of a line, but still you wanted to know the opposite of Warm.

So I told you it was “Not Warm,” but I didn’t think it sunk in.  I asked you what the opposite of an apple was, and you didn’t know, so I told you “Not Apple.”  How about the opposite of a Banana?  And that was all you needed – you knew it was “not banana.”  Then I went back to the opposite of Old, and you said “not old.”  Yes… that’s true.  And what do we call somebody who is not old?  


So you are not even 5 years old yet, and already working on logical concepts at a mathematical level.

A few weeks ago, you were both telling me that 0 is the smallest number there is.  I told you about negative numbers, but you didn’t get it.  I asked you what happens if you have two apples, and I take three of them.  You both told me “you can’t do that, Umi.  That makes no sense.”  So I took a bunch of flour, put it into a bread dish, then with a tablespoon made two big mounds on top.  Then I asked you how many mounds there were, and you both said two.  And what happens if I take away three?  Again, confusion.

So I took away the first, and the second, and your eyes both got curious… like I was about to violate some immutable law.

Then I took another scoop out of the flour, leaving a hole, and asked you how many mounds there were.  With that, I told you about negative – that when something is less than zero, we call that negative.  Negative numbers are like holes.  You lit up like some new universe had just been opened up to you – there are such things as negative numbers.  But in all fairness, I think we’ll wait a few years to cover irrationals.