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Climbing Stairs

Anna, recently you started climbing the stairs two at a time, saying “Look at me. Umi! ”

I tell you “You can’t do that… you’re too small,” and you do it anyway.

I tell you “That’s just too hard, Anna… you can’t do that,” and you exclaim
“Yes I can! Look!!”

I tell you all manner of reasons that you can’t do it, knowing full well that you can, all in the effort of building up your confidence and personal strength that somebody telling you that you cannot do something is not really a reason not to try.

There is a potential risk here in that you confuse “can’t” from an ability standpoint as a challenge to thrive, with “can’t” from a permission/wisdom standpoint, and you become more defiant. However, you have been defiant since you were born, so at least this is an avenue to channel it towards your sense of confidence