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Lost and Found

Last Christmas, you each got these toy “sticks” that had lots of things floating in an oil suspension with glitter in it. You both loved them, and there was lots to look at and look for. Unfortunately, you both thought they were much better for hitting each other and things, so we took them away. For months, Anna, you kept asking “Where’s my stick?”

We also had this small, wire-frame “pink panther” toy that used to cling to the letter-holder next to the phone at the old house. At one point, you got hold of it, and either on your own or in a fight with Lucas, managed to pull part of the tail off of that thing. It remained a small, fluffy, pink piece of tail not unlike a pipe-cleaner, only bigger and softer.

Much to our supprise, that small think keeps turning up, and you appear to really value it. You say things like “this is for my face” and wipe your brow with it. You even had it with you on our trip to see Grannie Annie yesterday, but today, we cannot seem to find it, and you were quite upset.

You were also upset because while at at Grandma’s, Grandpa gave you a small plastic ring that was oddly shaped, plastic, with lots of little bristles coming out of it. When we left there the other night to come home, we were maybe 15 minutes on the road already when you started asking about the ring, which we apparently left behind. You were quite upset about it, and kept asking that we turn around and go back for it. I said I would call Grandpa and ask him to look for it.

When we finally got back to Sithee & Juddi’s house, you could not find your pink fluffy thing either, and again you were quite upset. They are both rather small things, and while “unimportant” to us, it is also clear that to you those little things brought you some comfort and joy, and for that reason alone we are sorry to see them gone. Worst case, when we get back home, we find the rest of the pink panther toy and rip a little bit more of the tail off and give that to you to see if you notice the difference.

Like Moses

We flew to v Virginia today to see Sithee and Juddi, as well as your great grandma.  Let me tell you, it is SO much nicer traveling with you two when we don’t have to change diapers.  When we were about 30 minutes from landing, we took you potty on the plane.   Then on descent, when we needed to be in our seats, Lucas, you needed to go again.  I hated telling you to hold it, and had to hope for the best.

And when the plane finally came to a stop, within an instant, people were on their feet in the isle, even though they could not take a step forward for another 5-10 minutes while the front of the plane exits.  We were about 5 rows from the back when this happened, so I stood up with you in my arms, held you high, and said “excuse me…  3 year old needs to go potty.”   Then, like Moses parting the red sea, a clear pathway opened up for me to take you to the back where the lavatories are located.

Farting Dust

The other day, dear Anna, you were telling me about being taller. At least, that’s what I heard. Actually, you were telling me about being a toddler. You were no longer a little kid… You told me you were getting OLD. For goodness sakes, you are 3 years old!

I, on the other hand, with well more than 40 years on you, joked that you would be farting dust soon. You picked right up on that and asked “farting dust? Why I farting dust, Umi? Do trees fart dust too? Mommy fart dust? Why fart dust?”

Uh oh, I thought… I sincerely hope that one extinguishes itself before mom gets home from work, lest I never hear the end of it.

Princess Anna

It happened. Our little girl got the princess bug. We don’t have anything in the house with princess imagery. The only media you see is PBS, and even that is Curious George, Thomas the Tank Engine, and maybe the Dinosaur train. But somehow, you are convinced that you are a princess and want to be one for Halloween this year.

Now, there’s really nothing wrong with a princess phase, and I suppose it is better now than when you are a teenager, but we are just baffled as to where this came from. But then one day when the grandparents picked you up after daycare, you came home with a tiara and the mystery was solved.