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Last Day Away

My darlings, I have been away for the last 3 or 4 days at an educational conference, and I miss you terribly.  Mom left me a voice mail last night about the time you two were going to bed where I got to hear your voices and my heart melted with love for you both.

Today is the last day, but when I get home, you will have already gone to bed.  So even though you will not get to see me until the morning, you can bet that I will go into your room and gaze lovingly upon your sleeping faces with appreciation, pride, and joy of who you two are.  You are my biggest sources of joy for expanding my heart and teaching me the meaning of love.

You see, what I’ve actually been DOING while away is attending something called Experts Academy.  It’s all about how to get ones expertise used and how to make it profitable.  Somewhere, I remember hearing a parent say that “I’m not rich because I have children,” where another said “I have to be rich because I have children.”  In my case, I am so committed to you to, to being with you, to watching you grow and helping you develop, that I realize that if I am going to live into those beliefs and values, it is absolutely essential that Mom and I find ways to free ourselves of some of the burden of financial concerns.

Mind you, we have been positively and abundantly blessed in that area already, but it has been using the exchange of time for money, where we both work, and you are at daycare.  I would so much rather exchange expertise, experience, and access to products that I create for money, and to have the TIME to spend more freely with you, my loves.

So here, in these letters to you, I am further declaring the possibility of fully supporting myself and my family through coaching (and leadership, and training, and products) by 2016, at the standard of living that we are currently accustomed to, OR BETTER, OR SOONER!

Umi Goes Away

Since the time that Mom and I moved in together some 14 years ago,
there have only been a few times that we have been apart for more than
a day or so, and not at all since you two were born.

Today, I am traveling to Santa Clara for a training program, and I
miss you both already.  I even started missing you as soon as I
dropped you off for daycare this morning and gave you both extra hugs
before I left.   I  know that you will both be completely fine while I
am away, but I suspect that I will be the one who becomes distraught.

Grandma and Grandpa are going to help Mom while I am gone by either
coming over in the morning to play and take you to daycare, else to
pick you up.  On Sunday, Mom is taking you to a friend’s house with a
ranch and horses.  So I know you will be busy and well loved.

But when I got back into my car after dropping you off, one would
think it was my first day dropping you off at daycare all over again.
You two are both so incredibly precious to me.

I love you dearly.
I will always love you.
No matter what.
I promise.