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Lucas, you often wake up a bit before Anna, and usually you want breakfast. That much is nothing new. This morning, however, you got up at 6am, and Anna was still asleep at 6:45. You wanted to eat, and I kept trying to stall you, in the hopes that I could get you two to eat closer to the same time for to make things easier logistically.

So when I let you know that we’ll eat when Anna got up, you proceeded to go upstairs to your bedroom, look at your delicately sleeping sister, and yell WAKE UP, ANNA!!! WAKE UP!!

Needless to say, she was more than a little cranky after that, but she did manage to get up. So I took you both downstairs for eggs that I had already made for you. Lucas, you were instantly chowing. Anna, you were less interested in eating first thing. Instead, you insisted that you wanted to sit in my lap.

Now, I get hungry in the morning too, more like Lucas, so I really wanted all of us to eat. You, on the other hand, just wanted to sit on my lap and eat MY breakfast. Fortunately, I have learned that if I can get a few bites into you, that your appetite usually kicks in and you are good on your own from there.


For the past few nights you have both left your cribs and fallen asleep on the floor somewhere. Last night it was in the corner, with piles of stuffed animals and books with you. Tonight, I knew you were out of your cribs when one of you flicked that spring-like door-stop, making that THWAPA-thwap-thwap sound. But otherwise, you were quiet, so we let you be.

But when we went to do our alien-abduction check tonight, it turns out that you had essentially barricaded the door with those same animals, books, and also your bodies. I was able to slowly and gently push the door to slide you across the floor enough that Mom could then fit inside and pick you up, Anna, then I could go in and get you, Lucas.

So we find ourselves thinking that you are just SOOOO dang cute, but we also want for you to stay in your crib. Usually, you are both pretty good at night, save for the last few days. When it comes to your mid-day nap, however, we have consistently had trouble keeping you in bed or quiet, and had to resort to putting you into your pea-pod tents, much to your mutual protest. Of course, we also have to use twist-ties to keep you from simply unzipping the things and climbing
out. Years from now, we will laugh at the fact that we had to all but lock you in a tower or dungeon to keep you stationary during the night.

Where Did You Learn That?

There are some odd things you two say now and then. Not odd, as in, children learning language, but odd in that we wonder where on earth you would pick up on some things.

Anna, one in particular that surprised me was that when I picked you up, you said “I getting FAT.” I know we often say you are getting big or heavy, but never fat. You are not fat, and at last check were somewhere in the mid percentiles. By comparison, Lucas is a squirmy little string-bean.

The other oddity pertains to “time out.” We have used those a number of times with each of you after counting 1-2-3, then pulling you aside. Apparently, they use it in some form at daycare too. But Anna, you said to me “TIME OUT, UMI,” followed by “Now CRY!”

I don’t know if that is what you or the other kids do during time-out, or if you think that is what is expected, or whether what is required is to cry as an act of contrition. In either event, I do wonder about these things… through what lenses are you picking up and incorporating these thing?

A Mountain of Cheese

Lucas, it looks like you learned a new word at daycare today. During dinner tonight, you were asking for mommy-cheese. Thats what you call cheddar, whereas Monterey-Jack is Umi cheese. So we put some in front of you and you said you wanted a MOUNTAIN of cheese.

We laughed, then privately mom said we should be glad that you did not ask for a “butt load” of cheese instead.

You also kept asking for ice-cream, which you get confused with sour-cream.

More Alien Abductions

Every night before mom and I go to bed, one of us (usually Mom) goes into your room to check on you. My mom did that with my brother and I, and on at least one occasion we scared the crap out of her by building a 7 foot tall monster in the hallway to our rooms.

So each time when mom checks on you, I ask whether you were still there, or if the aliens have already abducted you. Well, tonight, she went into your room and neither one of you were in your bed, nor we’re you immediately visible. Your door is latched on the outside, so we know you did not sneak out, and there are bars over your closed window lest you climb out in the summer. So WHERE DID YOU GO?!!!

It turns out that you were both sleeping together on the floor in the corner by the window and behind your dresser. And until our eyes could adjust to the dark, you were effectively invisible (cf. invisibility phase shifting from last April).

So I picked you up, Lucas, and took you to the bathroom to go potty. You did so while remaining semi conscious the whole time. With any luck, that will buy us a bit more sleep-in time in the morning. You, miss Anna, seem quite insistent that your diapers are DESIGNED to be peed in, and are far more resistant to using the potty than Lucas. It’s clear that you CAN go in the potty, and have told us directly that you don’t WANT to use the potty… “Want to pee in diapers.”

Well let me tell you right now… When the aliens DO abduct you, chances are that they are not going to bring your diaper bag with them, so I do hope you get the hang of this critical life skill soon.

Skinny Dipping

This morning, for reasons that I do not fully understand, the two of you were certain that you were going to go swimming. So much so that you both stripped off all of your cloths and went running around and around the family room, jumping onto the “pool.”

It’s actually quite a versatile “pool” since at other times, it doubles as a train, a garbage truck, and on a few occasions, even a couch that has actual pillows on it. But this morning, you were
definitely going swimming, and you insisted on keeping the curtains open so that the neighbors could tell what fun you were having in this pool.

Then in the evening, after more running around after dinner, we put the two of you to bed, and you were “relatively quiet.” That is, until I heard this noise that I’ll describe as follows:
Sshhhhhh…. Mommy coming.

And at that point I opened the door to your darkened room to find both of you out of your cribs, standing in the middle of the floor in front of your cloths dresser, trying to defeat the child-latches without success. I made the mistake of asking a foolish question like “what are you doing?” only for Anna to look at me like I was silly and answer:
“We’re trying to change our cloths!”

Yes… of course. I should have known better. But then there was the process of trying to get you BACK into bed, and repeating the “I gotta go potty” routine.

With any luck, maybe you will sleep in a little bit tomorrow on account of your evening escapades. But I know better than to count on it.


Anna, your nails are getting too long, and you’ve ended up scratching me, and more recently Lucas. The thing is, you can be MOST uncooperative when it comes to trimming your nails. Ever since that day when Mom said “This wont hurt a bit,” and proceeded to nearly lop
your thumb off (in your mind), manicures just have not been the same.

So tonight, when you were asleep, Mom and I undertook an adventure to try trimming your nails without waking you. I have a headlamp that has dimmer settings on it, and I put a red filter over it, and we went in together. When we got to you, you were lying face down, with both hands beneath your belly. We tried a few things to get access to your hands, but you didn’t cooperate, even in your sleep.

So we went with the direct approach of just picking you up, and I held your hand while Mom went for your nails, then we switched. In all cases, even when you are only marginally conscious, you were fiercely protective of your hands. So rather than risking that we would bring you to full-consciousness, we determined that we’d rather take you on together by the light of day. Maybe when we are wearing protective armor.

But when you are older, if you have recurring dreams about alien abductions in your sleep, chance are that you can trace it to our adventure this evening.


On most mornings that I take you to daycare, you get to watch about half an hour of either Elmo’s world, or Curious George on PBS while I get finished getting ready for work.

This morning, when I was ready to change both of your cloths, chaos broke out. I had your lunch bag in my hand and was going to put it into the car. But when I came into the basement where you both were, Anna, you held your hand up and said “Poopy!”

“Aieieigghh!” I dropped your lunch bag and grabbed you by your waist and arm, keeping the stinky thing away from me and my work cloths. I managed to get you to a sink right away to wash your hands, then to the bathroom to change your diapers and get your daycare clothes on.

But when I came back downstairs to get you, Lucas, you were no longer in the basement. Your lunch bag was still on the floor, but it was empty. You were upstairs in the dining room calling out “Go Dirt!” – which is what you say for yogurt. You had managed to bring all the contents of your lunch upstairs without the bag, and were just opening a yogurt container before diving in.

I figured you must be hungry, so I just gave you a spoon. I was going to change your cloths anyway. Then Anna came up and wanted some too. Normally, we get into the car, and when we get to daycare I put your shoes on (because otherwise you take them off), then I give you both a banana before taking you in. So this would be your morning snack instead.

However, as you were finishing up, Lucas, you stank to high heaven. When I took you upstairs to change, you were such a mess that it was easier to take off all your cloths, stand you up in the shower and hose you down.

But then Anna, you came up and wanted a shower too. I told you no, but could not simultaneously get Lucas out to dry him off, and keep you from rapidly taking your cloths off. Fortunately, however, you only took off your bottom, and you actually went potty properly. YEAH!

Then it was definitely two-on-one as I tried getting you both dressed and into the car. I figured it would be better to just take one of you, Lucas, buckle you down into the car, and hope Anna was not in too much trouble by the time I came back into the house. Fortunately, when I came in, you were only entertaining yourself in the bathroom by watching the toilet flush. I grabbed you, buckled you into the car, and 30 minutes late, we made it out the door.

My Umi !

At daycare, there is a girl your age named Jama. Whenever I drop you off, I give both of you a big hug. A while back, Jama would stand a few feet back, looking on. I asked her “do you want a hug too?” Shy, she shook her head no and backed away, but repeated this on subsequent days.

Eventually, she asked for a hug too while I was hugging you two. Anna, you wanted nothing to do with it. “No!! My Umi!!!” you shouted.

Little Jama was saddened, stepping back. I had to reassure you that there is enough Umi to go around, and tried to get you to look at how that made Jama feel. I gave her a hug too, while reassuring you that you are my favorite little girl.

So there are several things going on all at once here. One is the possessiveness (My Umi), which is not unexpected at your age. Another is the idea of sharing, which you are both better at some times than others. Then there is the notion of scarcity – that any love given to one person is love not given to you. The latter, of course, is simply not true.

The more love is shared, the more of it that there is. So I tell you that there is more than enough Umi to go around, and share love openly and freely, for that is the idea that I want to impress upon you most. Love is a gift. It is not diminished by giving it away. It is always better shared. And you will always be my favorite little girl, Anna.