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I don’t have a daddy

This past week, Anna, you have been asking who your daddy is, and eventually saying “I don’t have a daddy – I have a UMI”

And when one of your teachers at Montessori called me your mommy, you got forceful and called out “NOT my mommy – dat’s my UMI!”

At this young age, you appear to be accepting it all as just matter of fact that this is the way things are. I do wonder if or at what point you will become more aware of growing up in what is a non-traditional family, and what difference it will make, if any.

This evening, Mom gave you both a bath and you were running around afterwards, full of energy before bed. As the two of you laughed and giggled, I looked at Mom with full awareness and gratitude that we have a house full of such joy and love.

Earlier today, I was fixing a plumbing fixture under the kitchen sink, and you, lucas wanted to help. Not sure what you could do, you chose to sit on my belly while I worked. Mom asked if she should remove you, but I said no. Then, in the cupboard under the sink where I could only get my torso in there, you fully climbed into the other side and were able to hand me my tools when I asked you for them. I have no idea if this is one of the images or memories that you will
retain, but in writing it here, I wish for it to be one of mine – that of my little boy helping me out in any way that he could. What may have been missing in understanding was more than made up for by your desire to be helpful and loving.