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Odd words

This evening, Anna, you were working on a puzzle of a sailboat. The pieces are large and made of foam, and you have solved the puzzle in the past. But you were getting frustrated, and belted out “I can’t DOOOOO it!” I got you to keep trying, and then to put the problem piece aside and fit another one in, then come back to the hard one. Eventually, you did solve it all on your own. But what really troubled me was your words. Where on earth would you have even heard “I can’t do it?” Certainly, it s not a view that I want to take root within you (or any child). Mom suggested that perhaps you heard it at daycare, since it is simply not uttered here in this house.

A few weeks ago, you two were both stirring in your beds in the morning, ready to get up. Well, sort of. As I walked in to say good morning and share in hugs, you both belted out very different words to me. Lucas, you had your hands outstretched and were yelling “Food! FOOOOOOOOD!” Meanwhile, miss Anna, you were in your crib, on your belly with your hands over your head yelling “GO AWAY!!! Wana go sleeeeeeeep!!!”