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Anna’s Adenoids

Well, dear Anna, it turns out that you have enlarged adenoids. Those are a pair of lymph nodes in the back of the throat like the tonsils. Yours have grown faster than the rest of your body, which means that it makes it harder for you to breathe. It is also what contributes to the fact that you actually snore louder than the dog right now. It turns out that it is also causing some fluid to back up in your ears, and that you have trouble hearing the lower-range of the audio spectrum.

So on the 23rd of this month, we will be taking you to the doctor for a brief, outpatient surgery to have them removed. Sure, it’s a “minor” surgery, but any time one of my babies is not feeling well or needs to go to the doctor, I get worried.


When you two were very little., wherever we set you down, we could count on you being there if we turned around or went into to the kitchen.  As you got bigger, that was no longer the case as you gained mobility. More often than not, howerver, you would end up following us, and of course there is only so far that you can go in the gated-community that is our living room. 

Lately, however, keeping track of you has become exponentially more difficult. It would appear that you now have mastered the ability to turn yourselves invisible. I’m not talking about just hiding behind curtains or under a table, but real invisibility.

It started out mostly in the mornings. I figured that I was just groggy from having just woken up when I held you in my arms and you would start by getting a little fuzzy around the edges. As things progressed, you two would be sitting in your high chairs taking turns going invisible. One of you would dissapear, the other would giggle hysterically, then you would switch. I told momy about it, but of course she thought I was crazy or pulling her leg for April fools day.

Then one weekend, you were both strapped into your chairs when mom turned her back on you.  When she turned back towards you, not only were you both completely gone, but there were handfulls of Cherios being lifted from your trays and vanishing at where your mouths would be.

Despite the fact that I already told her about this, mom basically freaked out.  “We can’t have this happening! What will we do if they dissapar when we are outside, or at a park!?”

Relax, I told her. I’m sure they will grow out of it…  It’s just a phase.

In the mean time, we’ll keep you on leashes.