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Pyramid Power

OK, so Pyramids are supposed to be a really strong structure, and some people even endow them with special powers. All I know is that you two have about 20 little colored pyramids with magnets in them, which makes them interesting to play with, to stick on the refrigerator, and to stick them to each other. However, you also managed to leave one on the floor upstairs, which I found by surprise when I stepped on it, pointy-side up, in the middle of the arch of my bare foot. It’s a good thing that I did not have one of you in my arms at the time, because it brought me down to the ground in agony almost immediately and left me screaming something that sounded only vaguely Egyptian

Special Theory of Relativity

Make no bones about it… time definitely goes faster with children. I have no other way to explain how it has come to pass that in what seems like a matter of months, we now have two kids nearly 21 months old already. Soon, we won’t even be counting in months! We’ll refer to your ages in YEARS! (Well, OK, you may develop a fondness for “and a half” along the way, but it will still be relative to years.)

We have lots of pictures of you two from when you were “little,” and it’s clear that you are not so little anymore. Never mind that in another year, we’ll look back to when you were just under 2 and think that now is when you were little. The point is, my loves, that the two of you are growing up so very very fast. Mom and I, on the other hand, are still in blatant denial about the corollary fact that she and I are also growing older. But that’s a topic for another time.

A few weeks ago, Mom and I saw the movie “Toy Story 3” – it’s an animated film about how toys come to life and about being played with. There was one scene where a little kid, Andy, is getting ready to go away to college. His room is packed up, his mom walks in and sees it mostly empty, and has a wave of sadness that her little boy is growing up. It was a touching scene, and both Mom and I got a big case of the sniffles, even after the movie was over.

For goodness sakes, you two are not even potty-trained yet, and already we are both tearful about the day when you are going to grow up and move out of the house. On the other hand, I also remember my first day at college in Boston… I was living in Virgina, and the family flew up to Boston to essentially drop me off and get me situated. When it came time for my Mom and Dad to leave, I have two very strong memories of what happened. The first is that I remember my Mom starting to cry as they left. At the time, I was a mixture of clueless and insensitive, and I only wanted them to leave already. (Mom, I’m sorry about that. I get it now.)

The second thing I remember is my Dad (your Jidi) giving me some parting words of advice that I cannot bring myself to put into this blog until you are much older. Maybe when you are 30. However, at this rate, you will be 30 in about another year or two, on account of creating new relatives somehow distorts the space-time continuum.