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Airplane Pilot

Tonight was Christmas, and we went to visit family. You two were much more sociable this evening than you were this time last year with family. Lucas, we took you downstairs at Cousin Leslie’s house where there were some older kids watching TV. You saw two remote controls, and a few electronic boxes with lights and buttons, and were immediately unstoppable. You wanted to push everything, and any attempts to get you away from those buttons were futile. Even with “Star Wars, Return of the Jedi” on, you were more interested in those buttons. The only way to get you back upstairs without you making a bee-line for the stairs and starting backwards down them was to let you have the remote control with you as we went up.

Anna, you were an angel for most of the night, though perhaps a bit more shy this time. Several family kept asking “Where did she get those blond curls?” I was not sure what to say. I could have said “Probably from her genetic parents,” (duh…) but chose instead to say “I don’t know.”

So it seems that there are still members of Mom’s family that don’t actually know how you came into being… apparently they have not read this blog.

Anyway, as we were driving home, I recalled many family events from my own youth. Except that it was not actually the events that I remembered… it was the drive home. It was always late at night, or at least late enough to be dark outside. I used to put my head back on the seat and look straight upwards through the back window. If the sky was clear, I could see stars now and then. Also, I could see the dashboard of the car with the illuminated instruments reflected in the window. I remember pretending that I was flying my own airplane while staring at that view for many hours, over many such trips home in the evening.

This night, however, Mom and I were obviously the ones in the front of the car while you two sat in the back in your safety seats. Anna, you had fallen asleep shortly after we hit the road, while you, Lucas engaged in gentle (and not so gentle) babble for most of the trip home. Something about the ride made me keenly aware of now being in the seat once held by my own parents, and I could not help but wonder if you imagined yourself an airplane pilot.