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Are Those Your Grandchildren?

On my laptop computer, I have a picture of the two of you as my wallpaper. I was at a professional event today when another woman saw the picture and asked if you two were my grandchildren. I told her that no, you two are my precious babies. But not long afterward, it hit me. Somebody sees me as old enough to be a grandparent; old enough to have had children who have then had children of their own. It was a very surreal feeling — not one of feeling or of being old, but more about recognizing the average span of life for a “generation” being roughly twenty years or so.

There will come several times over the next 5-15 years in which we will be interacting with other parents from your schools, and the rest of the parents there will be youngsters to us… young enough that we could be THEIR parents. And here too, my feeling is not one of being old, but more about recognizing the continuity of life through the generations. I have a recognition of the incredible blessings that have been bestowed upon us and of the gifts of talent and knowledge that we have acquired. I also have a heartfelt desire to share all that I have with all who might be interested in learning and growing. Of course that is most pronounced in my desire to guide the two of you as you learn and grow, but also I am filled with a desire to share my gifts, to teach, to pass on experiences, to mentor, and to coach others.

In short, you two are such an amazing gift and blessing, our charges and our teachers, that I feel deeply compelled to share the blessings I have been given with others.