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Jesus Spiders

A while ago, your maternal grandparents got each of you a pewter cross with a pink or blue ribbon up top, and a piece in the middle that says bless this boy/girl.

Mom put them above each of your cribs. They look nice, but before I got used to them being there, I passed by your room, saw one, and literally jumped!  JESUS!  That’s one bug spider!

Except that only the first part was correct. The spider was only in my head.

But back to grandparents, if we call mom’s parents your maternal grandparents, what do we call my parents (all three of them)?  I mean, as “Umi” we don’t call them “UmiInal” grandparents, and paternal grandparents hardly works either.

The only real “problem,” which is really more of a blessing, is that you have so mane people who love you.  Here’s to much more of that for everyone!