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Washing Behind the Ears

This morning, you two had a breakfast of Cheerios, sweet potatoes, scrambled egg, tofu, and banana. A good 30 minutes after breakfast, when we were playing in the living room, Lucas, it looked like your ear was inflamed. When I got closer, however, I saw that you had actually taken one of your cubes of sweet potato and tucked it in behind your ear. Now, I don’t know whether that was to get rid of it, or because you were planning to eat it later, but when you get older and ask us why you have to wash behind your ears, I’m going to tell you this story as a reminder.


A while back, I had written of how you two got overwhelmed when we came into a large crowd, such as a family gathering, or a party that we took you too.  Today was Labor Day, and we had planned to go to a park, except that it started raining, so we took you to a play area at a mall instead.  Mom drove, I unloaded you into your stroller, and while I went in, Mom parked the car.  She told me to just go straight, and that the play area was at the end of the hall.

Well, my children, when I got to the play area, I was the one who was overwhelmed.  There must have been 80 children there, ranging in age from barely walking to probably 8 years old.  It was an absolute madhouse.  I stood on the outside of the enclosed area, with you two still in your stroller, and I honestly though “Woah… maybe we had better wait for Mom to get here.”  Oh, I could say that it made more sense for both of us to be there so that we could each watch one of you, but the truth is that I was the overwhelmed one at the moment.

Mom soon arrived, and we took you out of the stroller to play.  Neither one of you wandered very far out of sight for quite some time, either because you were overwhelmed too, else because you picked up on it in me.  Eventually, however, you both got more comfortable and started running and playing a bit more, but mostly  playing on the toys rather than interacting much with the other kids.

The Sofa as a Mosh-Pit

For a couple of weeks now, both of you have been able to climb your way up onto the sofa that we have in the living room. You like to go up to the back and look out the window onto the front yard and the street. Occasionally, you climb still higher and stand on the backrest while holding yourself up by the window sill. I get worried that you are going to slide into the gap between the back of the sofa and the window, but Mom says you are able to climb in and out of that spot all on your own. Plus, several times during the day, I’ll look back there only to discover that you have been systematically dropping things like books and balls into that hole.

So last night, we had a friend named Stephanie over for dinner. She used to watch the two of you before you were even able to crawl. While she and I were sitting on the sofa, Lucas, you climbed onto the backrest. It looked like you were going to fall, and I caught you in my lap. But then you climbed back up again and I realized that you did not actually fall at all. You jumped. Over and over again, you were climbing up onto the back and then leaping onto me with a flurry of giggles. You kept going around and around, and were literally winded from all the exertion as you turned my chest and the seat cushion into your very own mosh pit.