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Future Technologies

Technology is advancing at an ever increasing pace. We have cell phones today that are more powerful than the computers used to put a man on the Moon over 40 years ago. There is even some burgeoning science on transporter technology. So far, all people have been able to do is transport a photon through a wall or two, or maybe into another room. But make no bones about it… the transporters of Star Trek science fiction will one day be a reality.

Now, there may be people with lofty titles, multiple degrees, and the best of intentions in mind regarding where this future technology should be used. But right now, if I got my vote, it would be in diapers. Imagine an electronic diaper that can transport all of the waste OUT of the diaper, and directly into the toilet. That would be SOOO cool!  Advanced versions could even transport it into the neighbor’s toilet, or into outer space.
They might cost a few hundred dollars each, and we would need new ones as you got bigger, but they might still end up being a cost savings.  That’s true even before considering the personal value to the parents of not having to change diapers anymore.
Maybe I should put in my pattent application now?