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Baby Steps

When one refers to starting out slowly, we often call those “baby steps.” Except that watching the two of you each take your first steps this weekend, there’s quite some variety in how you each go about it. Anna, yours were the more traditional baby steps, starting by standing fully on two feet without support, then gently, gingerly, moving one foot out just a little bit, followed by the other. You remind me of a groundhog when you stand fully on your feet – mostly stable, looking around, and somewhat pleased with yourself for the accomplishment. And as well you should be proud – standing unsupported is a big milestone!

Lucas, you seem to be taking more of the kamikaze approach to walking. You will be standing with support, holding onto a chair or a wall, and have your eyes on your target. Then, in a blast of speed, you launch yourself forward, rapidly taking one step right after the other, and it’s 50/50 between whether you will fall or crash into your target first. The act of walking has been described as a ‘controlled fall,” and watching you, it would appear you are still working on the control part.


First, for the record, let me say that I just love Cheerios. Many are the times that you two have been drinking from your morning bottles while I had my bowl of cereal as the three of us ate “breakfast” together. But at last, you two have finally reached the point where we can start giving you finger foods. And like every other milestone thus far, the two of you each have a very different approach to eating them.

For both of you, we will sprinkle about 10 of the little O’s on your tray in your feeding chair. Anna, you will delicately pick up a single Cheerio, place it near your mouth, and let go. Near is the operative word here… half of the time, it goes in your mouth, and the other half, it goes down your front, only to end up in this little bucket at the base of your bib. And when you manage to get one in your mouth, you look so incredibly focused on what you are doing – sucking and gumming that little ‘O’ as if within its center were the answers to the great mysteries of the universe.

Lucas, your approach is both less coordinated, and yet probably more effective. You will start out similiar to Anna in that you grab one or two Cheerios, except that you don’t grab them with your finger tips. Instead, you crush them in the palm of your hand, and then you try to suck the thing through your clenched fingertips. That seldom works, but it does manage to get your entire fist and hand all covered in saliva. Then you take your wet hand back down to the Cheerios on your tray, and without opening your fist again, you manage to roll your hand over a wide swath of Cheerios, picking up as many as 5 of them all over your hand. It ends up looking like a primitive tool with your arm as the shaft, and sticky Cheerios weighing the end of your mallet. At this point, with a Cheerio covering nearly all exposed surface area, you need only get your fist near your mouth and there is bound to be at least one of them in the right place for you to eat it.