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One Two, Buckle My Shoe

While momma has not gotten much bigger in the last week, she’s finding it a bit harder to move around. Most recently, she’s started to have trouble tying her shoes. So she brought a chair up into the bedroom to sit on just for that purpose. I can only guess that you two are filling your space more completely, and that you need still more room.

Also, momma now sleeps on her side with a pillow under her belly so that the weight of you two does not pull and stretch her quite as much. She says that if she rolls over, she can feel the two of you rearranging in some way as your weight shifts within her. I try to imagine what your world must be like right now when momma rolls over by comparing it to somebody flipping my bed over while I am still in it.

That actually reminds me of a story.

When my brother and I (your uncle) were growing up, I had to leave to catch my bus about 30 minutes before he did. So if by the time I finished breakfast he was still asleep, I would wake him up. Likewise, if I was still asleep when he got up, he would wake me to let me know that I was going to be late. But by the time I had to leave to catch my bus, he was supposed to already be up and in the shower. One day, he was still sound asleep, despite my numerous attempts to wake him.

When it came time for me to catch my bus, he had no interest in being roused from under the covers. So just before I started out the door, I picked up the corner of his mattress and flipped it over while he was still in it, rolling him on to the floor, and summarily dumping the mattress on top of him. Needless to say, he was none too happy about that, and to this day I’m sure it’s something he still holds against me at some level. Fortunately for me, even though he was “conscious,” he was still too dazed and confused to come after me as I ran out the door.

So I imagine that you must go through something like that every time momma rolls over. And in another 4 months or so, you will both be expelled from your warm and cozy womb and into the world that the rest of us inhabit. And in exchange for rousing you from this place, you will undoubtedly keep us awake for many, many nights until the notion of a solid night’s sleep is but a memory to us as well.

Perhaps then, my dear brother will finally know that I will have received what is due me.

Morse Code

Well, my little ones, it’s time for another update on your progress.

Two weeks ago, Momma and I took a vacation in Oahu that was really good for both of us. Plus, we got to actually feel you for the first time. OK, Momma had felt you before, but she was never really sure if it was you, or if it was gas. During our vacation, it was clearly the two of you. I got to put my hand on Momma’s belly and wait. It was not unlike waiting for shooting stars, except that rather than the flash of light across the darkened skyscape, smiles shot rapidly across my face as I got to feel your little kicks and punches from within.

It was simultaneously the simplest little thing – a gentle vibration inside of Momma’s belly, and also the most wonderously splendid thing in the world! You two are little PEOPLE and you are getting bigger! I don’t know that your attempts at Morse-code from inside there really constitute communication just yet, but oh, baby, those little thumps speak to me of the joy that you will bring us when you come into this world. I’m just so excited to finally meet the two of you!

We also learned that you are no longer resting on the right and left sides in there. Instead, one of you swam downwards, and the other one is now on the top. We just don’t know which one of you did what, nor whether you plan to stay there or if you are actually planning on doing a few laps around the womb to get in shape for the outside world.

Meanwhile, Momma is now up to 102 cm around the middle, measured across the belly button. Speaking of which, while her belly is getting bigger, that “button” is getting smaller and smaller. Apparently, it’s a right of passage of some sort when the inny actually becomes an outy. It’s really silly, I know, but you see, a mother’s belly button has somehow become associated with the pop-up indicators on oven-stuffer roasters. Those are chickens, and when the button pops out, the chicken is done. Fortunately for you, medical science is actually a wee bit more advanced than that today, but still we’re keeping a close eye on her belly button.