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One of Each!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the stories on how you two are doing. About a week ago, we got another set of in-depth ultrasounds. The technician was looking at all kinds of things inside momma’s tummy at you two, including all your organs and stuff. She asked if we wanted to know whether you two are boys or girls, and we said yes.

The first one she was looking at was whichever one of you is on momma’s left, and she told us that you are a girl. I was wondering how she could really tell, what with everything being so tiny, and the fact that we could look right through you like cellophane. Plus, you had a cousin who the technician thought was a girl right up to the very end, until that momma gave birth to a little boy instead. So even though it all depends on what way you are facing when the ultrasound takes a peak, the technician was able to show us clearly enough that we’re reasonably sure you are a girl.

And as for the little one on momma’s right, you’re a boy. The technician moved the transducer over to your side, and let’s just say that she didn’t have to explain anything further to us at that point.

So that means that we’re going to have one of each, and that you two have just graduated from Baby-A and Baby-B, to the Baby Girl and Baby Boy.

Meanwhile, momma is still getting bigger and bigger on the outside. On average, she’s growing by about a centimeter every week, measured around the belly-button. Presently, she’s about 97 cm around. Each night, we talk to you and pet you through momma’s belly, hoping that you’ll be able to hear us and recognize our voices when you are born. Oh, sure, it all sounds like “Err flub ist buelfern” right now, and you can’t understand anything yet anyway, but just know that you are very loved already, and that we’re eagerly awaiting your arrival.

We’ve even tried to teach you a new trick — momma and I tap out “shave and a haircut” on her belly, hoping for the point when one of you learns to tap back with the “two bits” part. You see, although we know that you’re in there and getting bigger, and that you’re moving around now and then, you’re not yet at the point where we can really feel you just yet. Now and then momma thinks she can feel you, but she’s still not sure if it’s you, or if it’s gas. But when you get another week or two older, we’re supposed to be able to feel you, and then things start getting really exciting.

Oh, and we’ve also started tossing around various names that we might give to each of you. If nothing else, it will make referring to each of you a little easier than just the Boy and the Girl, but we have yet to decide what to call you. Momma wanted Luke for the boy, but outright refused to go with Leah for the girl. You see, that’s a reference to a sci-fi movie called Star Wars, and no matter how cool M2 thinks it would be, momma is still going to veto that one. Likewise for just about anything I might pick from Lord of the Rings, regardless of how good a name it is.

On some level, this whole baby thing is one gigantic roller coaster that has already been set in motion, and it just keeps getting more and more exciting as you get closer to launching. (err, “being delivered” — momma won’t let me call it launching, popping or dropping). So on some level, picking your name is one of the few things we still have much control over at this point, because once you two are born, then the roller-coaster really starts moving fast.